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EDM technology
simplifies your work

Ease and portability

Simple and usable interface from desktop, mobile and tablet. Harness the power of EDM from the device best suited to your needs.

Using data in the cloud

Ability to access company servers to use data remotely, facilitating operations and continuing to work remotely.

Error reduction

Fewer input errors when creating the assembly list to reduce filing times.

Data Security

All data is managed in Cloud Providers, certified in compliance with current regulations.

Cost reduction

The timely monitoring of component wear and tear leads to a more judicious use of inventory resources geared towards reuse.

Saving time

EDM servers speed up operations, reducing possible errors and organising the database in an orderly and intuitive manner.


The customisable software

EDM can be customised to the specific needs of our customers. Implement your offer with:

  • Alerting system
  • Integrations with other internal management systems (company ERP)
  • Automation of data entry with barcode reader
  • Monitoring of additional parameters
  • Notarisation of data on blockchain for formal certification to third parties (digital maintenance booklet)

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