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Integrated EDM technology

The EDM IT platform offers three integrated modules to provide research and development teams with a timely tracking system of products or mechanical assemblies and more, effective communication tools within the team, and a reporting and data analytics system.

EDM Community


It contains tools for organising the work of the team, exchanging communications and customising the internal process of reporting and resolving anomalies, experiments and technical communications in a unified and structured manner.

EDM Data

component store

The 'core' of the system that allows the structure of an assembly to be defined in terms of individual parts (serials or progressives) starting from the list of components (BOM - Bill Of Materials) and to manage the traceability of the tests performed, propagating information on the individual components (part number, serial number, progressives) that make it up.

EDM Report


The dashboarding and reporting area provides the team with an aggregated view of data for proper analysis and decision support via customisable templates for each user.

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